Potential new members...please read!

Due to the nationwide shortage of flight instructors, Piedmont Soaring Society is tempoarily unable to accept new applications for students.

If we were to continue to accept applications during this time, currently enrolled students, along with any new ones, would not receive the quality of instruction that they need to become safe and competent pilots. 

Until our backlog of students is reduced we will not be accepting new applicants.  At this time we can only direct interested individuals to commercial operations, such as Bermuda High Soaring in South Carolina, or place them on a waiting list.

It is not a decision that we take lightly, and we will remove this restriction as soon as possible.

Introductory rides are unaffected by this decision.

June 2024 

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Weather permitting, Piedmont Soaring Society operates every weekend, and during the week by arrangement, to provide tows and instructional flights to its members.

We also provide an Introductory Flight (see schedule of fees) to potential new members in our two-seat sailplanes in order to share our passion and enthusiasm for aviation.