You may already have an interest in aviation but perhaps you have not yet discovered the joy and excitement of gliding. If this is the case, let us share with you our enthusiasm for what we regard as the ultimate sport.

Gliding, sometimes called soaring, is motor-less flight. Gliders use naturally occurring atmospheric phenomena, called "LIFT", to gain altitude and stay aloft. The beauty of the earth quietly moves beneath as you soar across the countryside. Often we share the bright blue sky with beautiful birds such as the hawk.. Mans dream of soaring like an eagle can be accomplished.

Soaring is one of the safest, most economical, challenging and rewarding forms of flight. Soaring frequently offers the chance to remain aloft for many hours and travel hundreds of miles without creating a sound.

When do we fly?

We can fly provided the wind is not too strong, or the clouds too low, and if it’s dry. The best gliding weather comes on warmer, sunny days. The absolutely best days are those with the small cauliflower-shaped clouds (called Cumulus) all over the sky - these clouds are created by the rising air, or thermals, that gliders use to gain height.

How do we get into the air?

All our flights at Piedmont Soaring start with a tow behind a powered aircraft. This is a much more gentle way to become airborne. The glider is normally towed to about 2,000 to 3,000 feet above the ground.

Who flies gliders?

Gliding or Soaring is a sport that is enjoyed by thousands of people from all walks of life all around the world. PSS’s membership includes mechanics, teenagers, students, salesmen, engineers, a couple of company directors, doctors, retirees and several airline captains. Each of us is brought together by a shared love of flying.

One final note…

Our Club always welcomes visitors, so come have a look round the facilities and watch the flying before you take your first flight. You may want to email or telephone first to check if flying is taking place.

Upon arrival, please check in with the daily operations person who will give you information that will ensure your visit is pleasurable and safe.

Alas, we all love our dogs but they do not play well with other aircraft so please leave them safely at home.